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Taos, New Mexico

Taos Mesa Brewing features 12 distinct house beers on draught at all times. On any given day, you will be able to enjoy light, thirst quenching beers like our Kolsch .45 and Sabor del Sol Pilsner, as well as full bodied, hearty dark beers like our Black Widow Porter or Great Scot! Scottish, or a bright and hoppy IPA. Our 10 barrel all grain infusion mash brewhouse is working overtime to fill our fermenters and cold storage vessels with high quality beer. Top quality, consistent, and highly quaffable beers are the TMB signature.

On Tap at The Mothership
On Tap at the Taos Tap Room
Oct 22nd 2019 7:00pm
Oct 24th 2019 8:00pm
Liver Down the River with Pherkad
Oct 25th 2019 8:00pm
Yak Attack
Oct 26th 2019 8:00pm
Trout Steak Revival
Oct 27th 2019 7:00pm
Suzanne Santo of HONEYHONEY with Izzi Ray
Oct 29th 2019 8:00pm
Captured! By Robots with St. Victims
Oct 31st 2019 8:00pm
1st Annual Halloween Extravaganza with Black Magic Flower Power
Nov 1st 2019 8:00pm
1st Annual Psychedelic Zombie Prom
Nov 2nd 2019 8:00pm
A Night of mad Alchemy: featuring TONE RANGER, Dolphin Star Temple, Ryan Nobody/Kasper, Wake, Girl Wunder and Liquid Light show
Nov 3rd 2019 7:00pm
Kikagaku Moyo
Nov 6th 2019 8:00pm
Mondo Drag
Nov 9th 2019 8:00pm
Dust City Opera

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Taos Mesa Brewing

With Hilarious Hosts Gina & Scott


10/22/2019 7:00pm

FREE · 6:00pm · All Ages / Bar with ID

Come stimulate your brain with beer and trivia every Tuesday at Taos Mesa Brewing. Prizes awarded and beer specials available!

Liver Down the River with Pherkad

Taos Mesa Brewing

10/24/2019 8:00pm

$7 · 7:00pm · All Ages / Bar with ID

Liver Down the River 

High Energy Foot Stompin' Funkadeligrass out of Durango Co!
Funkadeligrass - An eclectic mix of hard driving, psycadelic bluegrass and funk music designed to rock hard and dance your pants off.
From the high mountain river-valley of Durango Colorado comes a five piece band of musicians called Liver Down The River. The group has their roots in countless river floats, campfires, late night picking, and Colorado living. Since its creation in 2012, the band has strived to have nothing but a good time. Their unique sound and high energy performances have lead them to share the stage with the likes of The Infamous Stringdusters, Railroad Earth, The New Mastersounds, and Poor Man’s Whiskey, to name a few. 
The band got their start in 2012 when Patrick Storen and Emily Winter met and started playing music together. A few common fiddle tunes and Grateful Dead numbers later, the two were ready to perform. Searching for the missing link, they enlisted the help of funk master and  bass player Derek Abt. With the addition of New Orleans native Cy Fontenot on drums and funky keys man Michael “Sweet T” Todd, the music comes to life.
The music is a blend of original and improvisational compositions that take the listener on a journey. Each member brings their own inspirations and elements to the sound. From the high peaks of bluegrass, the deepest pockets of the funk, and the outer reaches of space, a unique genre of music is created. Inspiration comes from the band’s collective adventures, love of nature, the following of the soul, and the drive to keep on moving on.
The band released their five track Liver Down The River EP on June 30th 2015. One year later on April 8th 2016, the band released their first full length album, Life You Love. On these tracks, Liver Down the River strives to capture the immense energy felt during the live shows, and to showcase each musician’s skills.  Attempting to reflect the beautiful, yet powerful and expansive essence of the Colorado country, the inspiration comes truly… from living the life you love.
Pherkad (ABQ, NM)
Psychedelic music for the soul
Pherkad is a genre bending, experimental four-piece jamband. These melodic grooves will have your feet forging a path into the unknown. Originally the brainchild of guitarist Jason Bowers and drumming lead-vocalist “Cheese”, Pherkad has grown from a duo into a four-piece jam band paving a path through the comfortable and familiar and well beyond into the sonic unknown. Talented keyboardist Zac Ramsey gets ultra-funky ticklin' the ivories every night and holding down the low end is bassist Chris “Chrispy” Patchett who also showcases his songwriting and takes lead vocals occasionally. Get ready to blast off, because Pherkad is going to take you on a jamtastic voyage with their well composed, tasteful and downright funky blend of music.
"It's like fractals for the soul". The future is bright, better bring your sunglasses.

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Yak Attack

10/25/2019 8:00pm

$10 ADV/ $12 DOS · 7:00pm · All Ages / Bar with ID

Yak Attack is a live electronica power trio from Portland, Oregon. Founded in 2013, the band has experienced steady growth over the past few years and has been building buzz on the strength of its live shows and the instant connection its music makes with new listeners. The group's music is best described as "organic electronica", using skillful playing, live loops, and tightly constructed songs combined with raw improvisation to build high-energy and uplifting music from scratch, where every note is played and recorded live. The band draws on influences from a wide spectrum of electronica, such as house, drum and bass, and breakbeat, along with elements of jam, funk, and jazz. The result is a live show that is musically sophisticated but widely accessible, with a diverse and engaged fanbase that travels to out of town shows and festivals to witness the band's continually evolving sound.
Yak Attack has been selling out local and regional shows and has developed a reputation as "the region's go to late night act" in the summer festival and afterparty circuit. Fresh off a round of touring supporting jamtronica heavyweights STS9 and Sunsquabi, the band has also shared the stage with established or up-and-coming acts such as Fruition, Turkuaz, TAUK, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, and The Magic Beans. After releasing "Safety Third" on Ropeadope records in 2018, the band is currently recording their fourth full-length album, and about to embark on a packed festival schedule including national events such as Camp Bisco and Jazzfest. Watch for Yak Attack to bring its unique dance party to a venue near you.

Trout Steak Revival

Taos Mesa Brewing

with Zephaniah Springfield & Peter Oviatt

10/26/2019 8:00pm

$10 ADV/ $12 DOS · 7:00pm · All Ages / Bar with ID

Trout Steak Revival

When TROUT STEAK REVIVAL won the Telluride Bluegrass Festival Band Competition in 2014, they emerged on the roots music scene to listeners anticipating the often–heard dose of progressive bluegrass with a hint of jam. Their unique brand of mountain music stood out, though, and quickly the band caught the attention of fans and folk radio DJs alike. Over the last three years, the Colorado quintet has further refined its style and, with SPIRIT TO THE SEA, delivers a mesmerizing and soul-quenching array of original songs resonating with the finer points of folk and Americana. Produced by Chris Pandolfi of The Infamous Stringdusters, the new album is a reflection of the depth and honesty of songwriting that is possible when a trusting and encouraging band of friends grows together into a band of musicians.

With each individual contributing lead vocals and instrumentation to the band’s collaborate songwriting process, TROUT STEAK REVIVAL is more than a sum of its five parts. BEVIN FOLEY (fiddle), STEVE FOLTZ (guitar & mandolin), CASEY HOULIHAN (bass), WILLIAM KOSTER (guitar & dobro), and TRAVIS MCNAMARA (banjo) take turns singing lead and harmonies throughout the album, and such sharing of the vocal ensemble roles creates a diverse and satisfying blend of musical offerings to listeners. Most of the band members of TROUT STEAK REVIVAL originally hail from the Midwest, but their lives, their musical endeavors, and the band’s identity now hold roots in Colorado. Inspired by and embodying the popular live music scene in Denver and Boulder, TROUT STEAK REVIVAL is emerging as the quintessential Colorado band. Named by Denver Westword as “Best Bluegrass Band” in 2016 and 2017, and chosen by the State of Colorado to represent the culture of its citizens on a Today Show appearance, the band draws constant recognition for its wholesome message and down-to-earth sound.

To succeed, though, a band must grow, and SPIRIT TO THE SEA expands TROUT STEAK REVIVAL’S repertoire beyond Colorado bluegrass without leaving behind the communal nature of the band’s origins. The new album is more diverse and inviting than their past albums, rolling out the carpet for new fans with many different tones, vibes, and topics underlying the songs. Whether listeners are in search of a deep connection with lyrics or simply need a good melody to dance to, SPIRIT TO THE SEA provides a mix of music that is a pleasure to relate to. Songs crafted out of love, fear, heartbreak, wonder, joy, and freedom provide a glimpse into the soulful depth of the individual members of TROUT STEAK REVIVAL and hearken back to emotions all our own. 

“Trout Steak Revival continues to realize their amazing potential as a band, upping their musical game and gaining new fans all across the country. They are committed to making an original statement that's soulful and vibrant, and their new album, Spirit to the Sea, is the best example of that yet. The band members all write, sing and play like pros, but the collective takes precedence, and that is what truly sets them apart. Trout Steak is making beautiful, lasting music, and I feel very lucky to be a part of the process." - Chris Pandolfi, Infamous Stringdusters

Zephaniah Stringfield 

2016 Semi-Finalist in International Songwriting Competition (ISC)

Newest album, The Book Of Zephaniah, produced by Mike West (Shawn Mullins, Split Lip Rayfield)

“Not a passive experience but more a journey alongside the artist” Utne Reader, Topeka, KS

“No time is wasted with any of the songs. The music is straight to the point, concise and real. ” Taos Tempo Magazine

Performing with raw intensity and moving dynamism, Zephaniah Stringfield sings stories about his travels from the SF Bay Area to New Mexico and beyond, weaving biblical references and archetypes of traditional folklore with stories of highways, girls and greyhound buses. When playing live, Zephaniah is as comfortable solo as he is with a full band. He is often joined onstage by varied musical guests, such as L.A. blues artist, Cristina Vane, Taos bluegrassers, The Foggy Memory Boys, and his own outlaw country side project, The Spud Gun Bandits. These changing lineups keep his sound continually evolving and the energy always high on stage. Combining a blend of original material, carefully selected covers and staples of American roots music, his shows deliver a well-measured arc of depth and lighthearted entertainment. His sound echoes bluegrass and country music, rock-a-billy and the blues, but his clever lyrics and up-front delivery are both modern and relevant.

It is music both hauntingly familiar and uniquely his own.


“Simultaneously poignant and toe-tapping, this is the good stuff” KNCE Radio 93.5 Taos, NM

Suzanne Santo of HONEYHONEY with Izzi Ray

Taos Mesa Brewing

10/27/2019 7:00pm

$10 ADV/$12 DOS · 6:00pm · All Ages / Bar with ID

Suzanne Santo

Caught halfway between the dark swoon of pop-noir, the raw rasp of soul music, and the honest punch of Americana, Suzanne Santo's Ruby Red tells the story of a singer, songwriter, and mul-ti-instrumentalist who, more than 10 years into an acclaimed career, is turning a new corner. 

Produced by multi-platinum Grammy nominee Butch Walker (whose Los Angeles recording stu-dio gives the album its name), Ruby Red marks Santo's first release as a solo artist. For the past decade, she's spent most of her time fronting the Americana duo HONEYHONEY, whittling her banjo, violin, and vocal chops into sharp shape along the way. Here, she takes a break from that longtime gig to explore something different, creating a moody, sexually-charged album filled with organic instruments, distorted fiddle, Walker's powerful electric guitar, and Santo's most stunning vocal performances to date.

"I think I started writing songs for this record long before I realized that I was writing songs for this record,” said Santo. “I’ve identified with a collaboration for so long that the thought of taking a leap into the depths of my own music and having no idea what that would look like, definitely came as a shock. I was getting lazy and not finishing the tasks at hand like I really wanted, deep down, to be able to do. Writing this record was bewitching in a way.”

Before they collaborated on Ruby Red, Santo made multiple appearances on Butch Walker's eighth album, Stay Gold. She joined him on the road, too, singing harmonies and playing violin, guitar, and banjo during a nationwide tour in 2016. During breaks in her touring schedule, she began diving into a different type of songwriting, looking to diverse albums by Erykah Badu, Da-vid Bowie, Townes Van Zandt, and the Alabama Shakes for inspiration. For years, she'd always been somebody else's bandmate. This was a time to explore her own identity. To write her own music. To ignore genres and defy expectations. To determine what, exactly, she wanted to say. . .and find out the best way to deliver it. 

“Once Butch acquiesced to producing the record, I had an ‘oh shit!’ moment where I realized that I needed to really show up,” continued Santo. “I had to have songs that were finished, let alone good enough. I couldn’t stop and I wrote all day every day to finish the songs I’d started years ago as well as the few that presented themselves in the 4th quarter. I took long walks in my neighborhood and listened to demos on my cell phone and worked out lyrics. I would also wake up in the middle of the night with new ideas and would get up and write them down or rec-ord them. It felt like the songs were seeping through the cracks of my mind and out of my mouth, without much of my consent. I think art is a channel, connected to something much greater than we are and I feel honored when it picks me from time to time."

Ruby Red is an album about love, life, and lust in the modern world. Moody and melody-driven, its 11 songs range from "Handshake" — the record's epic opening track, equal parts Southern-gothic anthem and slow-burning soul ballad — to the driving "Ghost in my Bed," which pairs an explosive chorus with layers of mandolin, fiddle, and piano. Meanwhile, tracks like "Better Than That" focus on little more than Santo's voice: an electrifying, elastic instrument that's capable of both vulnerability and ferocity. 

Santo and Walker recorded Ruby Red quickly, pulling long hours in Walker's bright, sunlit studio in Southern California. The instrumental tracks were captured live, with help from guests like pedal steel player Dr. Stephen Patt — Santo's primary care physician, as well as a former member of the Edgar Winter Group — and drummer Mark Stepro. Santo kept the guest list small, though, splitting the bulk of the instrumental duties with Walker.

"It was incredible to work with Butch. He facilitates a great time and an artistic environment that orbits solely around what’s best for the song, which is so rare in a business full of egos. Butch and this environment liberated and enabled me to work in a way that I never knew I was capable of."

Although Ruby Red marks the start of something new, it doesn't signify the end of Santo's long run with HONEYHONEY. Santo will join bandmate Ben Jaffe in the television series The Guest Book, whose episodes feature the two musicians in acting and musical roles. The show premi-eres on TBS during the latter half of 2017, adding another bullet point to the acting career Santo launched years before HONEYHONEY's formation. 

Santo's story is still unfolding. This is the newest chapter, bringing with it a track list that doubles down on the songwriter's strengths and stretches her limits. There will be more chapters to ex-plore. More colorful stories to tell. But for now, Suzanne Santo's future is looking Ruby Red. 

"This record is so fucking sexy, I can't deal,” said Walker. “Proud to have been in the room when these songs were going down. Put it on and turn out the lights."


Izzi Ray 

Whoever said 'Youth is wasted on the young' hadn't met Izzi Ray.

At 21 Izzi, while still considered young and budding, has not only accomplished quite a lot, but also exemplifies wisdom beyond her years. From her lyrics to her diverse musical tastes (from Kendrick Lamar, Kimbra and Radiohead, to Jeff Buckley Ryan Adams and Emmylou Harris), she shows a true sense of balance between experience and the yet unknown.

Born in southern California, but raised in Northwest Montana, she began playing guitar, and subsequently writing songs, at the age of 11.  She maintains an authenticity in her writing, attributing her sense of sincerity to her songwriting philosophy, which has always been, "be nothing but honest and real". Her tasteful guitar playing and carefully crafted experimental melodies, have prevented her from being tied down to a specific genre.

It's already clear that Izzi has in innate knack for evolving.  Having released 3 full-length albums to date (her self-titled debut in 2012; Make Much of You in 2014 and Liminality in 2017) she shows with each of them a beautiful balance of strength and vulnerability, creativity and honesty and a clear ability to stand the test of time.
In particular, 2017's 'Liminality' is a refreshingly unique take on pop/R+B, yet still has the footprint of everything that inspires her in the details.

Moving forward, Izzi's optimistic outlook is a breath of much needed fresh air, "I believe that music connects people in a way that nothing else can, so I want to use my voice to create something authentic, that inspires, brings peace and is mentally challenging as well as engaging."

Izzi Ray's youth has clearly not been wasted.... rather it has paved the way for bigger, brighter things to come.


Captured! By Robots with St. Victims

Monotone Productions

10/29/2019 8:00pm

$10 · 7:00pm · All Ages / Bar with ID

What do you get when you are CAPTURED! BY ROBOTS and they force you to sing and tour in a grindcore band with them?
Find out on Tues. October 29th, 2019
We have the distinct pleasure of welcoming Human Slave JBOT and his captors GTRBOT666 and DRMBOT0110 to Taos Mesa Brewing Mothership.
Opening the night are local Espanola grinders
Doors at 8pm, $10, All Ages

Read about CBR here:



1st Annual Halloween Extravaganza with Black Magic Flower Power

Taos Mesa Brewing & Monolith on the Mesa

Gral Brothers, Sweet Nothin, ia Tu Sabe, & Supplemental Sound Stimulation by Dirty Steve

Liquid Light show by the Mad Alchemy !! Disco Costume Contest w/ prizes!

10/31/2019 8:00pm

$10 ADV/ $12 DOS · 6:00pm · All Ages / Bar with ID

Black Magic Flower Power offer music fans a unique take on the tried-and-true genre of funk music, blending that raw and energetic dance music with psychedelic rock. They’ve used the terms “Stoner-Disco” and “Desert-Boogie” to describe their idiosyncratic sound. -mxdwn.com


GRAL BROTHERS is a musical duo between Greg Williams and Alex McMahon. The sound varies from sci-fi radio nightmares to lucid high-desert soundscapes...


Sweet Nothin - All American High energy Rock n Roll. Three kids from down the block playing 60s and 70s inspired Rock n Roll.



Ia Tu Sabe

Supplemental Sound Stimulation by Dirty Steve

Liquid Light Show by Mad Alchemy! 

Disco Costume Contest w/ prizes! 




1st Annual Psychedelic Zombie Prom

Monolith on the Mesa

Black Maria / Sun Dog/ The Talking Hours

Liquid Light Show by Mad Alchemy

11/1/2019 8:00pm

$10 · 7:00pm · All Ages / Bar with ID

Join Us Friday November 1st At Taos Mesa Brewing Mothership For The 1st Annual Psychedelic Zombie Prom! Featuring Music From Albuquerque's Sun Dog * Black Maria * The Talking Hours!
There will be Raffles And Monolith on the Mesa Ticket Giveaways!! Doors At 8:00pm * ALL AGES!! * $10 @ Door

Mad Alchemy Liquid Light Show! 

Black Maria out of Albuquerque! 


Sun Dog is a psychedelic rock project hailing from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Balancing progressive musical adventure with traditional psychedelia, they seek to push the boundaries of composition, genre, and nostalgia. Formed in late 2013, the band invests their time and efforts together in and around New Mexico to help curate the Albuquerque psych scene.  Earning support slots for THEE OH SEES, King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, Night Beats, Acid Mother’s Temple, Cosmonauts, Mystic Braves, Corners, Sugar Candy Mountain, Frankie & the Witch Fingers, etc.. They have toured the West Coast multiple times, once with the Mad Alchemist Liquid Light Show, played Saturnalia Festival 2018 in Austin, TX.... it has been these experiences that have helped the band dial their sound and reach further into the far out... and beyond. 



The Talking Hours are an alternative rock duo from Albuquerque NM, formed in 2015 by Karie Paez and Mauricio Paez.

A Night of mad Alchemy: featuring TONE RANGER, Dolphin Star Temple, Ryan Nobody/Kasper, Wake, Girl Wunder and Liquid Light show

Taos Mesa Brewing

11/2/2019 8:00pm

$10 · 7:00pm · All Ages / Bar with ID


The Mothership will be transformed by Mad Alchemy Liquid Light Show for a magical eve!
Tone Ranger (AKA Alex Simon) makes dance music that embodies the magnetic and supernatural beauty of the American Southwest. Blending deep house rhythms with ethereal instrumentation (lap steel, harmonica, whistling, voice), he has earned a reputation as one of the region's most original and sought-after live electronic acts. Performances have often been described as heart-opening, seamlessly moving from ecstatic peaks to grounding sonic valleys. In August, he released his debut EP with Jumpsuit Records, and has since opened for international acts like Quantic and Dirtwire. His next EP, On the Horizon, is set to release on March 5, 2019 followed by a Southwest tour. Simon is inspired primarily by the American landscape and the stories embedded in it. Though stunningly beautiful on the surface, he understands that underneath there is a deep cry amongst most of us for healing. Crafted by the exposure to natural elements, a sense of wonder, and that connection you can only find on the dance floor, the music of Tone Ranger exists as a prayer that we move forward and heal together.
Dolphin Star Temple is a musical project from Mexico conceptualized by Ravato V. Rocrin. It is a celebration, a reconciliation of time and space. A portal to different states of consciousness.
Ryan Nobody + Kasper: Ryan Nobody works with the A.I. know as 'Kasper' to create a electronic and distortion live looping performance using synths, drum pads, instruments that is a unique must-see show. https://www.ryannobody.com/
Wake is Matthew Michael Ahern Hettich, a Santa Fe, NM based electronic digi-organic musician. http://www.wake.mobi/
Girl Wunder (Jessica Wu) is currently a Radio DJ on Taos' local community station 93.5KNCE. She spins a unique blend of global electronic music, underground house, and techno. www.mixcloud.com/girlwunder
Visuals by Mad Alchemy using live oils and projecting all over walls and ceilings of the Mothership. https://www.madalchemy.net/
8pm Saturday November 2nd, 2019.

Cover is $10 ; OR $8 if in COSTUME!   

Kikagaku Moyo

Taos Mesa Brewing

W/ Minami Deutsch and Tan Cologne

11/3/2019 7:00pm

$12 · 6:00pm · All Ages / Bar with ID


Kikagaku Moyo progressed from early days in Tokyo’s experimental scene to traveling the world with their mind-bending sounds, exploring different facets of psychedelia on each new release and blowing minds with a live show that was just as searching as their records. The shifting dimensions of Masana Temples are informed by various experiences the band had with traveling through life together, ranging from the months spent on tour to making a pilgrimage to Lisbon to record the album with jazz musician Bruno Pernadas. The songs came together in the wake of the band breaking up the communal house most of them had shared in Tokyo, with some members relocating to Amsterdam, and others moving to different parts of Japan. Transitioning from being based in the scene they had roots in to scattering around various locales made for an even more enhanced understanding of how mystically connected the sum of their parts were when the band reunited to record new material. The music is the product of time spent in motion and all of the bending mindsets that come with it.

The band sought out Pernadas both out of admiration for his music and in an intentional move to work with a producer who came from a wildly different background. With Masana Temples, the band wanted to challenge their own concepts of what psychedelic music could be. Elements of both the attentive folk and wild-eyed rocking sides of the band are still intact throughout Masana Temples, but they’re sharper and more defined. Without sacrificing any of their experimental impulses, songs are more composed and cohesive. Pernadas’ bright production meets with nearly telepathically locked-in performances, on both lazy cloud-like jaunts like “Nazo Nazo” or fuzzed-out expeditions like lead single “Gatherings”. Drummer/vocalist Go Kurosawa, guitarist/vocalist Tomo Katsurada, bassist Kotsuguy, sitar and keyboard player Ryu Kurosawa and guitarist Daoud Popal Akira act as a unit, with an intuitive attention to space and dynamics that could only come from years of playing together in every imaginable setting.

More than the literal interpretation of being on a journey, the album’s always changing sonic panorama reflects the spiritual connection of the band moving through this all together. Life for a traveling band is a series of constant metamorphoses, with languages, cultures, climates and vibes changing with each new town. The only constant for Kikagaku Moyo throughout their travels were the five band members always together moving through it all, but each of them taking everything in from very different perspectives. Inspecting the harmonies and disparities between these perspectives, the group reflects the emotional impact of their nomadic paths.

Coming together in a way more deliberate than the beautifully floating improvisations of their Stone Garden EP or the sometimes hushed dreamstate of 2016 album House In The Tall Grass, Masana Temples is focused and clear in its vision in a way that feels unlike any of Kikagaku Moyo’s earlier sounds.


Minami Deutsch biography
Founded in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan in 2014

MINAMI DEUTSCH is a Krautrock band formed by Kyotaro MIULA (guitars, vocals, synthesizer), Taku IDEMOTO (guitar), Keita ISE (bass) and Hikari SAKASHITA (drums).

Their self-titled debut album, released by Guruguru Brain in 2015, sounds very much like classic Krautrock bands like NEU!, CAN or FAUST with its energic motoric beat, thumping bass, strange vocals and (mostly) soothing guitars.



Tan Cologne is the new project of Lauren Green (formerly Mirror Travel) and Marissa Macias formed in Taos, NM. Creating their own experience of sonic space waves, Tan Cologne sounds like diving into a secret dimension where Mazzy Star and CAN met and went surfing together on silky waves of sand dunes. Heavily influenced by the alien landscapes of New Mexico, Green & Macias are currently finishing up their debut full-length album entitled “Cave Vaults on The Moon in New Mexico.” Joined by Parker Shebs and Ry Warner (formerly Ohioan/Castanets) in performance, Tan Cologne explores the dynamics of floating through dreamy double vocals, swirling guitars, and rhythmic woven textures.



Mondo Drag

Monolith on the Mesa

w/ Yatra and Red Mesa

11/6/2019 8:00pm

$10 ADV / $12 DO · 7:00pm · All Ages / Bar with ID


Mondo Drag 


The creatures known as Mondo Drag hailed from deep along the banks of the wild Mississippi River where they created ominous, spiritual, savage psychedelic revival sounds. Summoned to the edge of the Earth, they journeyed west, collecting new sounds reminiscent of desert scapes, acid dreams, all-night prog vinyl spinning and a dark galaxy of protometal swirls,  exalting the band unto new, wickedly brilliant horizons. Now settled in the deep realms of Oakland, the ensemble continues to create cosmically proportioned, churning jams evocative of a rainbow of obvious inspirations but also numinous new sounds emerging from the organ - heavy riffs. If you love Blue Cheer, Black Sabbath, Can, Atomic Rooster, Hawkwind, Budgie, Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, Italian prog, Krautrock in general, and heavy space-outs....get into Mondo Drag. They'll knock your socks off, let your hair down and take you on a mind's eye exploration you won't soon forget. Though they exude love for the spiraling tapestry of heavy psychedelia of the past, they are on a rock and roll mission all their own: an unearthed prog band, futuristic in their time capsule, rocketing forward through the depths, gathering the sounds of space itself.





YATRA’s eclectic sound includes many elements of doom and heavy metal mixed with experimental explorations into sonic territories that provide a unique sound. A sound that has been referred to as “a riff laden wall of sound” by Decibel Magazine, and “sonic molasses” by Riff Relevent Magazine. The raw blackened vocal influences bringing in an original sound hailed as a “venomous execution” by Doomed and Stoned Magazine, and their explosions into guitar explorations, backed by a heavy rhythm section, lead to the feeling that “there is something darkly spiritual at the heart of Yatra’s sound” as said by Indy Metal Vault Magazine.As Revolver Magazine hails, “Yatra holds up against the monoliths on which it was built,” and as Captured Howls Magazine states, “their riffs feel like towering trees crashing to the earth.”Thriving strong from their intense live show, YATRA have been focused on performing for and connecting with live crowds as much as possible since their debut full length release from Grimoire Records, “Death Ritual.” As Ghost Cult Magazine writes, “they are incredibly heavy, and pulverizing” and Riff Relevent Magazine states “they are rising from the sea coast like a gigantic kraken!” YATRA was voted by Revolver Magazine into their ‘top 6 things to listen to’ and described as “a stomach churning wall of fuzzed out doom!”Following the release of “Death Ritual,” YATRA was described by Heaviest of Arts Magazine as “the new guides into the fuzzed and stoned world.”


Red Mesa 


Psychedelic, bluesy desert rock trio from Albuquerque, New Mexico, who churn out hook-laden jams and blistering live performances as only a band from the actual desert can.

They’ve been called, “a hefty, fuzzed-out sonic explosion” (Doomed and Stoned) and “one of the U.S.'s best stoner rock underground bands” (Riff Relevant).

Red Mesa has two albums, the latest being The Devil and The Desert (June 2018) on Desert Records, as well as contributing an EP of material to Ripple Music’s Second Coming of Heavy Vol. 4 (Dec. 2016) and a crushing rendition of Pink Floyd’s “Breathe” to Magnetic Eye Records’ highly-anticipated Best of Pink Floyd LP (Nov. 2018).

Listen to The Devil and The Desert on Spotifyor Soundcloud.

The band is actively seeking opportunities to take its sound beyond New Mexico, with plans to tour in 2019 and pursue festival appearances both domestically and abroad.






Dust City Opera

Taos Mesa Brewing

11/9/2019 8:00pm

$8 ADV/ $10 DOS · 7:00pm · All Ages / Bar with ID

We are Dust City Opera, the American Southwest’s fastest-rising indie folk-rock band led by singer/songwriter Paul Hunton.  We’re known for our unique instrumentation and crafty songwriting, juxtaposing dark, bold subject matter over whimsical, light-hearted melodies. Hunton’s songwriting is strikingly visual and spans the spectrum from playful to apocalyptic, balancing his powerful voice over exceptional arrangements of dreamy guitar licks and intensely rich horns.   

We have been compared to the likeness of Tom Waits, Modest Mouse, and Cake with an acoustic, folksy richness that is paired with a unique instrumentation of clarinets, trombone, accordion, the occasional vibraslap, (and YELLING!).  

The release of our 2019 debut album, "Heaven," sparked a wave of media appearances and captured international attention with industry leaders and music bloggers such as Eric Alper (US), Keep Walking Music (Spain), We Love That Sound (Germany), MP3 Hugger (Ireland), Movimento Country (Portugal), and more.   



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