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Taos, New Mexico

Taos Mesa Brewing features 12 distinct house beers on draught at all times. On any given day, you will be able to enjoy light, thirst quenching beers like our Kolsch .45 and Sabor del Sol Pilsner, as well as full bodied, hearty dark beers like our Black Widow Porter or Great Scot! Scottish, or a bright and hoppy IPA. Our 10 barrel all grain infusion mash brewhouse is working overtime to fill our fermenters and cold storage vessels with high quality beer. Top quality, consistent, and highly quaffable beers are the TMB signature.

Jun 24th 2017 8:00pm
Jun 29th 2017 4:00pm
StarTribe presents the 3rd Annual Uniting of the Tribes with Emancipator, Opiuo, Andreilien and more!
Jul 7th 2017 7:00pm
Coalescence Festival
Jul 13th 2017 7:00pm
The Peterson Brothers
Jul 14th 2017 7:00pm
Sunset Yoga
Jul 15th 2017 7:00pm
HIRIE with special guest Iriebellion
Jul 20th 2017 7:00pm
Patrick Sweany
Sep 16th 2017 2:00pm
Field Trippin' Fest
Sep 28th 2017 4:00pm
JUMPSUIT Records Family Gathering

The Mothership

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Channel 3, Walk Proud, and Article 15

6/24/2017 8:00pm

FREE · 7:00pm · All Ages / Bar with ID


StarTribe presents the 3rd Annual Uniting of the Tribes with Emancipator, Opiuo, Andreilien and more!

An Electronic Music Festival. In the Amphitheater!

6/29/2017 4:00pm

BUY TICKETS · 3:00pm · All Ages / Bar with ID

Dear StarTriber,

    You are warmly invited to the 3rd Annual Uniting of the Tribes, a three day electronic music festival taking place in a land of shimmering beauty, high on a desert mesa, at the foot of the southern Rocky Mountains. Prepare for what will be an unforgettable experience, getting down with your tribe to the best lineup ever to happen in New Mexico.


Emancipator ------ https://soundcloud.com/emancipator

Opiuo --------------- https://soundcloud.com/opiuo

Andreilien --------- https://soundcloud.com/andreilien

Supersillyus ------ https://soundcloud.com/supersillyus

Templo ------------- https://soundcloud.com/templomusic

Whitebear --------- https://soundcloud.com/hwitebear

Planewalker ------ https://soundcloud.com/planewalker

Buddha Bass ---- https://soundcloud.com/soulfoodmusic

Adem Joel -------- https://soundcloud.com/ademjoel

Kanizzle ----------- https://soundcloud.com/jkanizzle

Dylan Stevens --- https://soundcloud.com/iamdylanstevens

Mandelbot -------- https://soundcloud.com/mandelbot 

Otter Space ------ https://soundcloud.com/otterspacemusic

Sattva -------------- https://soundcloud.com/sattva

Stratosphere ----- https://soundcloud.com/stratospheremusic


 *Soul vibrating bass to be experienced by the 22 speaker
high-fidelity Mesa Sound System. www.mesaprosound.com

Traditional Pueblo Bonfire in the sweet spot of the dance floor, like every StarTribe.

Camping is available on site at El Mystico Campground.

Food provided by Taos Mesa Brewery & Infinity Superfoods.

Workshops, presenters, artists and daytime activities will soon be announced at www.StarTribe.org.

The StarTribe philosophy : Nearly every tribal culture on our planet has considered dance to be an integral part of their culture throughout history. Modern humans are wired with the same neurological software that the tribal elders possessed. There exists an ancient memory embedded in our consciousness, and dance within the natural elements has proven to be a way of opening doorways to bring it to the surface. This type of music and dance experience no doubt does something extraordinary for the human spirit, and it is with this spirit in mind that Star Tribe presents the 3rd annual UNITING OF THE TRIBES!

This gathering has been long awaited! Prepare to bass up and get down.


PS. Pass the word and INVITE your tribe!

PPS. Dancing to this amazing lineup and with your tribe for 3 days under the sun, moon and stars may cause attendees to have x-ray vision and permanently become a little nicer.



Coalescence Festival

Coalescence is a 3-day, 2-night outdoor music, arts and camping festival by Stimulus Entertainment

7/7/2017 7:00pm

FREE · 6:00pm · All Ages / Bar with ID

Coalescence Festival - JULY 7th-9th

Presented by: Stimulus Entertainment x Aesthesis


Coalescence - koʊ.əˈles.əns
-the union of diverse things forming one mass, community or whole;
-the process of growing together

By growing together we create an energy that is exponentially greater than our own. The combined energy of various unique perspectives tends to result in a progressive environment that allows creativity to truly flourish. We strive to bring communities together and take delight in the artistic expression that develops.

Coalescence is a 3-day, 2-night outdoor music, arts and camping festival that will be held at Taos Mesa Brewing in Taos, NM. This event will feature two stages that will host our auditory engineers for the weekend as well as various local artists, vendors and craftsman.

FEATURED ARTISTS ◊ Atyya ◊ Alejo ◊ Devin Kroes ◊ Droplitz ◊ Dubvirus ◊ Elevated Mind ◊ Spoken Bird and last but not least… Supertask

These performers hail from various parts of the US and Canada and will coalesce to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Local Performances include Adem Joel, Astrologic, Big Nik, Bowra, Braller, Cap’n Swivler, DJ Icite, Dylan Stevens, Galaxy, Infrequency, Ink Box, Kanizzle, Kid Konsume, Krunkle Tom, MANDELbot, MeloD, MIW, The Monogahela, Mtn Menace, o t t e r s p a c e, Purpetual, radioFace, Ras Daws, The Rev, Skypz, Squoze, Tasstik, TriLLwax.

With support from:
Andrew Linville Designs x Mothership Alumni x Morgan Production+Design x Serenity Sam & Crista Maria x Street Ritual x Taos Mesa Brewing Mothership

The Peterson Brothers

Teenage Bluesman live from The Continental Club in Austin Texas!

7/13/2017 7:00pm

$10 · 6:00pm · All Ages / Bar with ID


The Peterson Brothers possess a uniquely modern blend of blues, soul, and funk. Alex, 17, on bass and vocals, and Glenn Jr., 19, on guitar and lead vocals, have grown up playing together since they were young kids. Rising stars in Austin, Texas, the Peterson Brothers hold a standing room only weekly residency at Austin’s famed music hall The Continental Club. They have opened for the likes of Gary Clark Jr., Los Lonely Boys, the late B.B. King, Willie Nelson, and Lisa Marie Presley. They have also played with Buddy Guy, Michael Burks and many of Austin’s finest musicians. The Peterson Brothers have also gained the attention of the one and only Bootsy Collins, who has become a true mentor. Glenn and Alex are honing their chops daily, and are dazzling audiences playing gigs throughout the United States.

“The only thing missing from the Peterson Brothers Band is the word "amazing" at the front of the name.” - San Antonio Express-News

Sunset Yoga

Join Blue Sky Retreat Center of Taos for a FREE Sunset Yoga Class

7/14/2017 7:00pm

FREE · 6:00pm · All Ages / Bar with ID

 VISIT www.BlueSkyRetreatCenter.com

HIRIE with special guest Iriebellion


7/15/2017 7:00pm

$15 · 6:00pm · All Ages / Bar with ID

Hirie–the frontwoman of the exhilarating reggae band HIRIE–grew up a global citizen. Her father worked for the United Nations and she was born in the Philippines, spent years in Italy, before her family settled in Hawaii, which became her spiritual home.

While in Hawaii, Hirie fell in love with reggae music, and took to the culture naturally. On the radio, and in conversation, she would hear the exclamation “irie.”  The popular reggae term is derived from a Jamaican patois, and it encompasses warmth and positivity—it’s a greeting, an affectionate term of approval, and a mindset. In these painfully complex times, we could all use some irie in our life.

San Diego’s seven-piece band HIRIE is ready to offer a global spiritual uplift. Melding the balmy island touches of its singer’s beloved home—as symbolized by its moniker’s first letter, a “H” for  “Hawaii,” with that feeling of irie, the award-winning group offers a soundtrack of hope.  Now, with its masterful new album, Wandering Soul, brimming with invigorating female-fronted shamanistic reggae an oasis of positivity is just an album away.

“Hirie is a lifestyle choice, it’s about healing the body, the mind, and the spirit. Our fans and our band are always saying ‘let’s get HIRIE,’ it’s a way to detach from the painful complexities of the world, and bask in joyous energy,” says the band’s lead singer and sage who has taken the band’s namesake for her own.

HIRIE is poppy and purposeful, harnessing the power of accessible songcraft, social consciousness, world­ class musicianship, and the disarming and spellbinding qualities of reggae, the band exudes mainstream appeal without diluting its artistic vision. HIRIE is Hirie lead vocals, guitar, uke; Chris Hampton saxophone, flute, melodica, and accordion; Andrew McKee trombone, guitar, didgeridoo, and percussion; Andy Flores bass; Blaine Dillinger lead guitar; and Joey Muraoka on drums.

The mission to spread HIRIE began in 2013, and, since then, the septet has garnered some high watermarks. HIRIE was nominated as San Diego’s Best World Music Award, and its video for the hit “Sensi Boy” has accrued over 545,000 views. The group has received airplay nationally and internationally, with strongholds in Hawaii, Guam, New Zealand, and Tahiti, and in the college market. Its self-titled album debuted at #4 on the iTunes Reggae chart and rocketed to #9 Billboard Reggae chart. For three years, the group toured tirelessly, building a robust and highly dedicated fanbase. Select live performance highlights, past and present, include nationwide tours with Tribal Seeds, Iration, J Boog, and The Rebelution Tour. In the fall of 2016, HIRIE will tour with Nahko & Medicine for the People.

Onstage, the band is comprised of formidable performers. A collective of virtuosic musicians united in the selfless power of serving the reggae skank. At the center of it all, leading the way to spiritual musical enlightenment, is Hirie. Her signature aesthetic conjures the seductive expressiveness of divas like Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, the raw emotionality of Lauryn Hill and Tanya Stephens, and the mystic sensuality of Enya. Together, HIRIE put on a polished show complete with choreography that offers big-production entertainment and big-heart transcendence.

Hirie’s immersion into the reggae lifestyle came at a young age through growing up in Hawaii, after stints living in the Philippines and Italy. Reggae is the top music in Hawaii, and it was only natural when Hirie emerged a singer-songwriter she would be vocalizing over skank reggae rhythms. “It’s just how I write music,” she says. At 19, when she moved to San Diego, California she made the leap from open-mic intimacy to craving the power and majesty of a full band.

In 2013, she issued her debut, but it would take three years of touring to produce the septet’s defining work, thus far, Wandering Soul. True to its title, the album explores spiritual searching, the life-changing experiences of meeting new people and sharing in the profound emotions that bond music fanatics. The album also celebrates the band’s solidification as a creative powerhouse. Working together nonstop for three years sharpened HIRIE’s chops, group musical interplay, and distinct pop-reggae vision.

“Living like a gypsy, I began to pose a lot of foundational questions, and being in touch with fans and people on the road enlightened me. So there is this soul searching quality to the music, it’s not religion, it’s just a general feeling of spirituality,” Hirie reveals.

Wandering Soul’s lush construct reflects this depth. The songs feature chord sequences that have a sophisticated, tension and release accessibility. The musicianship is high-level restraint, showcasing that point of mature virtuosity where laying back implies instrumental prowess. The album’s trippy production—the bulk of it courtesy of Danny Kalb (Beck, Ben Harper, Sia)—replete with adventurous textured passages, heady dub segues, and subtle psychedelic flourishes, make it a rare headphone experience for a pop oriented record.

The album opens with the smoldering and ambitious title track—a sonic journey through heartfelt longing, and heady dub passages. The militant “Renegade” features Nahko Bear of Nahko and Medicine For The People and boasts stately horns, simmering grooves, and call-to-arms individuality against the massification of culture. The personal “Melody of a Broken Heart” and “You Won’t Be Alone” shine a light on personal domestic struggles. “I wrote ‘You Won’t Be Alone’ for my daughter with the hopes that she understands my life when she hears me on the radio. I hope she understands how much I love her and how I can be a role model by showing her she can be anything she wants,” Hirie confides. The sleek futuristic electronic textures of “Boom Fire” represents HIRIE’s party vibe and exudes vivaciousness of in the moment HIRIE living.

Reflecting on the power of HIRIE, Hirie shares this story: “I met a fan who was suffering from of six tumors. He shared with me ‘Your music is the reason I get out of bed, you’re my medicine.’ That drives me to push this movement forward to share conscious music. I feel a responsibility and a duty to share a positive message.”

Patrick Sweany

Blues, folk, soul, bluegrass, maybe some classic 50s rock, or a punk speedball

7/20/2017 7:00pm

$10 · 6:00pm · All Ages / Bar with ID

Patrick Sweany likes the spaces in between. On a given night (or on a given album) he'll swing through blues, folk, soul, bluegrass, maybe some classic 50s rock, or a punk speedball. He's a musical omnivore, devouring every popular music sound of the last 70 years, and mixing 'em all together seamlessly into his own stew. Yet, the one thing that most people notice about Patrick isn't his ability to copy - it's his authenticity. Like his heroes, artists like Bobby "Blue" Bland, Doug Sahm, Joe Tex, Patrick somehow manages to blend all of these influences into something all his own. It's no wonder that as a kid he immersed himself in his dad's extensive record collection: 60s folk, vintage country, soul, and, of course, blues. Patrick spent hours teaching himself to fingerpick along to Leadbelly, Lightnin' Hopkins, and other folk-blues giants. In his late teens, Patrick began playing the clubs and coffeehouses around Kent, OH. He quickly gained a reputation for the intricate country blues style he was developing: part Piedmont picking, part Delta slide - with an equally impressive deep, smooth vocal style.

But Patrick wouldn't stay in the acoustic world for long. His love of 50s era soul and rock fused with the adrenaline-soaked garage punk revival happening throughout the Rust Belt pushed him to form a band. After 6 critically acclaimed records (two produced by longtime collaborator Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys), Patrick has expanded his touring radius to 49 states and Europe. He's played premiere festivals (Newport Folk Fest, Merlefest, Montreal Jazz Fest, Telluride Blues & Brews) and supported international acts such as The Black Keys, The Tedeschi Trucks Band, The Wood Brothers, Hot Tuna, and others on tour.

His latest record, Daytime Turned To Nighttime, comes out in September 2015. It was recorded in his adopted community of E. Nasheville, TN and features contributions from long-time collaborator and producer Joe McMahan (Allsion Moorer, Webb Wilder), Ron Eoff (Cate Brothers, Levon Helm), Bryan Owings (Tony Joe White, Solomon Burke), among others. For Daytime Sweany took a fairly different approach than his usual raw, intense blues sound, opting for more subtle textures and playing. Seminal 70s records by Bill Withers, Bobbie Gentry and Bobby Charles & The Band provide the sonic blueprint, while Sweany wraps his trademark baritone and impeccable acoustic slide work around songs of longing, redemption and growing up.

Field Trippin' Fest

A Music Arts Adventure

9/16/2017 2:00pm

Presale $20 · 1:00pm · All Ages / Bar with ID

FIELD TRIPPIN’ is a music arts adventure fest. The event will feature an unique cadre of musicians, artisans, video art, and street performers; mixing the high energy vibe of the Venice Beach boardwalk in California with the high altitude experience of Taos, New Mexico!

The FIELD TRIPPIN’ adventure will include a full day of transformative art in both the outdoor and indoor spaces of the TMB venue. Offering a "full throttle" event for the audience to wind it's way through with exciting presentations and activities for all ages. Booths from local crafts people, cirque performers, (AcroYoga, stiltwalkers, hoopers, skateboarders, etc.) video art installations, and a wide range of music! The day will culminate on the main stage with an exhilarating evening line-up of Venice Beach and Taos' finest musicians with the highlight of the evening a rocking FIELD TRIPPIN' jam session!

The purpose of the festival is to create a living, breathing "all access" experience of music, art and performance. FIELD TRIPPIN' will stretch the senses, and engage the artistic nature that exists inside us all. As creative artists and activists, the FIELD TRIPPIN’ team are committed to creating an annual space for empowering our audience to engage, experience and spread appreciation for the arts all year round!

JUMPSUIT Records Family Gathering

An intimate weekend of Music and Connection! Featuring The Polish Ambassador (2 nights!), Wildlight Live, Ayla Nereo, Ample Mammal and many more TBA soon!

9/28/2017 4:00pm

FREE · 3:45pm · All Ages / Bar with ID


1st annual Jumpsuit Family Gathering

Featuring The Polish Ambassador (2 nights!), Wildlight Live, Ayla Nereo, Ample Mammal and many more TBA soon!

***Early Bird Tickets and Tier 1 Tickets - SOLD OUT***

Now on sale!

Tier Two Full Festival Pass - $149 + fees/tax
Tier Two Parking Pass - $35 + fees/tax
Thursday Early Arrival (Includes Thursday night camping and Thursday night concert) - $45 + fees/tax
RV Pass - Fri-Sun - $129 + fees/tax
Kids Ticket (10 and under only, proceeds go towards "Rainbow Lightning Kid Village") - $25 + fees/tax
Locals Only  Early Bird 3 day pass (daytime only, no camping, no late night shows, must have valid Taos ID or within 30 mile radius, cash only, sending those to Dan tomorrow) - $99 no fees/tax

Vintage trailer hotel and campgrounds. Book Today!

Jumpsuit Records strives for community, to bring people together to celebrate in song and nature. We lean towards the progressive and unconventional, putting the focus on uplifting art and partying with a purpose. We know that our extended family covets an intimate festival experience, one that fosters connection, encourages participation, offers education and the promise of invigorating life experiences. With those understandings and a nod toward a new festival model, The Polish Ambassador and Jumpsuit Records are thrilled to announce the 1st Annual Jumpsuit Family Gathering, in breathtaking Taos, New Mexico.

Taking place September 28th thru October 1st and hosted in the majestic confines of Taos Mesa Brewing Amphitheater, The Polish Ambassador will captain a musical cadre that includes Jumpsuit familia Wildlight (Live), Ayla Nereo, and several other artists to be announced soon. The world's funkiest diplomat has also planned a second performance, TPA vs. Ample Mammal, where the Jumpsuited One will fire up the intergalactic time machine curating a set of old school jams mixed with an array of new and unreleased material.

Naturally, the 1st Annual Jumpsuit Family Gathering will be chock full of so much more than music. Expect a plethora of juicy workshops and educational endeavors, including an assortment of Yoga disciplines, ecstatic dance, contact improv, and more. A three-day Permaculture workshop will be available to everybody on the festival grounds, and more details on this tremendous opportunity will be announced in the coming weeks. A super-vibey Movement Shala will serve as a workshop space by day, transforming into a a stylin' late-night lounge, complete with a cushy, padded dance floor, specialized tea service and the best in chillout live music! The stunning outdoor amphitheater will be the main stage, and is blessed with the iconic Sangre de Cristo mountains as it's beautiful backdrop. In addition, there will a secondary side stage for the mellower jams and acoustic delicacies throughout the day; and a thumpin' late-night venue to carry those infectious booty shakin' grooves.

The Taos Mesa Brewing Amphitheater is an astonishing indoor/outdoor venue with limited onsite camping. To preserve intimacy and create a vibrant pop-up community, less than 1000 festival tickets that include camping will be offered. These will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. The location was carefully selected by Polish and his dedicated international squadron; with their stated mission to create a comfy, cozy, one-of-a-kind affair rich in human connection. For those who venture off-site, the resplendent Rio Grande River Gorge is merely a few minutes away. Downtown Taos, NM is also extremely close-by, and we encourage people to explore this historic pueblo and its surrounding culture.

Due to the intended intimate nature of the 1st Annual Jumpsuit Family Gathering, we expect the event to sell-out in advance, and encourage people to plan accordingly.




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