A conspiracy is brewing...

Taos, New Mexico

Taos Mesa Brewing features 12 distinct house beers on draught at all times. On any given day, you will be able to enjoy light, thirst quenching beers like our Kolsch .45 and Sabor del Sol Pilsner, as well as full bodied, hearty dark beers like our Black Widow Porter or Great Scot! Scottish, or a bright and hoppy IPA. Our 10 barrel all grain infusion mash brewhouse is working overtime to fill our fermenters and cold storage vessels with high quality beer. Top quality, consistent, and highly quaffable beers are the TMB signature.

On Tap at The Mothership
On Tap at the Taos Tap Room
On Tap at the Ski Valley Tap Room
May 24th 2018 7:00pm
May 28th 2018 7:00pm
Pulse: (Our) Community Drum Circle Class
May 31st 2018 7:00pm
Music on the Mothership Kick-Off Party
Jun 1st 2018 3:00pm
Music on the Mothership Festival
Jun 1st 2018 5:00pm
Music on the Mothership Festival - FRIDAY
Jun 2nd 2018 12:00pm
Music on the Mothership Festival - SATURDAY
Jun 3rd 2018 12:00pm
Music on the Mothership Festival - SUNDAY
Jun 7th 2018 7:00pm
Cream Cheese Accident
Jun 22nd 2018 7:00pm
A MAD TEA PARTY • 3 Stages of Music from Dusk Till Dawn!
Jun 27th 2018 7:00pm
Pato Banton
Jun 28th 2018 8:00pm
Heart Byrne
Jul 11th 2018 7:00pm
Jul 27th 2018 5:00pm
Aug 1st 2018 7:00pm
American Aquarium with Special Guest Jaime Wyatt
Aug 10th 2018 5:00pm
Fish Out of Water Festival - WEEKEND PASS
Aug 21st 2018 8:00pm
Oct 5th 2018 8:00pm
Mystic Braves

The Mothership

Find us on the Mesa
Our Menu
On Tap at The Mothership



Taos Tap Room

Find us in Town
Our Menu
On Tap at the Taos Tap Room

CLOSED FOR MAINTENANCE April 2 - April 4 @ 5pm



Taos Ski Valley Tap Room

Find us on the Slopes
On Tap at the Ski Valley Tap Room



One Man Band • Guitar • Party • Dance!

5/24/2018 7:00pm

$10 · 6:00pm · All Ages / Bar with ID


Pulse: (Our) Community Drum Circle Class

Mandala Retreats

Free Drum Lessons and Circle Jam around the fire. Drums provided, all levels welcome. Circle will be lead by Michelle Chandler

Come drum while the sun sets over the Mesa and the full moon rises over the mountains.

5/28/2018 7:00pm

FREE · 6:00pm · All Ages / Bar with ID

Music on the Mothership Kick-Off Party

Thursday Night featuring John Kadlecik

5/31/2018 7:00pm

FREE WITH 3 DAY · 6:00pm · All Ages / Bar with ID

Music on the Mothership


FEATURING John Kadlecik

Starts @ 8pm / $15 / FREE with a 3 Day Festival Pass

John Kadlecik is a singer, songwriter, and musician who can play most string instruments but is primarily known for being a guitar-slinging sideman to Grateful Dead members Phil Lesh and Bob Weir in the band Furthur. Also an original co-founder of the group Dark Star Orchestra, John has been performing improvisationally-oriented shows regularly since the late 1980's and touring nationally for the last 20 years. His work also includes several studio releases of original music, and he is currently touring with his own group, The John Kadlecik Band. 

For More INFORMATION Visit http://musiconthemothership.com/





5/31/2018 7:00pm

$250 · 6:00pm · All Ages / Bar with ID



MOTET WEEKEND (7/27 & 7/28)

FISH OUT OF WATER (8/10 & 8/11)


Music on the Mothership Festival


Our Best lineup yet featuring Moe., Railroad Earth, Infamous Stringdusters, Fruition, Rising Appalachia, Antibalas, Nicki Bluhm, Melvin Seals and JGB, Assembly of Dust, Tea Leaf Green, Lil Smokies, Shook Twins, Last to Know, Rapidgrass, John Kadlecik, Jo

6/1/2018 3:00pm

$30 - $199 · 2:00pm · All Ages / Bar with ID

Like a Boss Productions presents...

Music on the Mothership 2018




NO access to campgrounds

includes access to all campground events!

includes access to all campground events!

Add an RV for the Campground $60
Each user must have an individual camping pass and GA pass

Backstage & VIP area access along with Complimentary Hospitality Tent Access
7 Meal Ticket Vouchers & 20 Drink Ticket Vouchers
Access to Full Bar
Bloody Mary Bar 10 am – 1 pm daily
All day Munchie Bar
Access to the Space Lounge
Free Shuttle to Hot Springs
Camping Pass

Stay next door in style! Check out our vintage trailer packages and all it's perks!

KIDS: 2-12 years half-price. 2 and under FREE (Tickets only available at door, day of show)


Music on the Mothership Festival - FRIDAY

Friday Pass

6/1/2018 5:00pm

$50 - $70 · 4:00pm · All Ages / Bar with ID


Liver Down the River
5:30-7:00pm  (Patio)

Rising Appalacia
7:00-8:30pm (Amphitheater)

Tea Leaf Green
8:30-9:30pm  (Indoor Stage)

9:30-11:00pm  (Amphitheater)

11:00-12:30am  (Indoor Stage)



Camping Passes available for Friday Only and grants access to all campground activities.

For More INFORMATION Visit http://musiconthemothership.com/


Music on the Mothership Festival - SATURDAY

Saturday Pass

6/2/2018 12:00pm

$75 - $95 · 11:00am · All Ages / Bar with ID


The Noseeums
11:00am-12:30pm (Amphitheater)

Ry Taylor and Friends
12:30-1:30 (Patio Stage)

Shook Twins
1:30-3:00pm  (Amphitheater)

Jack Cloonan and Friends
3:00-4:00pm (Patio Stage)

Joe Craven and the Sometimers
4:00-5:30pm  (Amphitheater)

5:30-7:00pm  (Patio)

The Infamous Stringdusters
7:00-8:30pm  (Amphitheater)

Nicki Bluhm
8:30-9:30pm  (Indoor Stage)

Railroad Earth
9:30-11:00pm  (Amphitheater)

Last to Know
11:00pm-12:30am  (Indoor Stage)



Camping Passes available for Saturday Only and grants access to all campground activities.

For More INFORMATION Visithttp://musiconthemothership.com/

Music on the Mothership Festival - SUNDAY

Sunday Pass

6/3/2018 12:00pm

$75 - $95 · 11:00am · All Ages / Bar with ID


Alice Wallace
11:00am-12:30pm (Patio Stage)

Igaus Davis
12:30-1:30pm (Amphitheater)

1:30-2:30pm  (Patio Stage)

Assembly of Dust
2:30-4:00pm (Amphitheater)

All Our Exes Live in Texas
4:00-5:00pm  (Patio Stage)

Melvin Seals and JGB
5:00-6:30pm  (Amphitheater)

6:30-8:00pm  (Indoor Stage)

8:00-10:00  (Amphitheater)

The Lil Smokies
10:00-12:00pm  (Indoor Stage)



Camping Passes available for Sunday Only and grants access to all campground activities.

For More INFORMATION Visithttp://musiconthemothership.com/

Cream Cheese Accident

Celebrating the music of the String Cheese Incident

6/7/2018 7:00pm

FREE · 6:00pm · All Ages / Bar with ID

A super-group of talented individuals from the central Texas area, Cream Cheese Accident had the crowd dancing almost as if String Cheese were actually there, while at the same time adding their own flare to the songs.


A MAD TEA PARTY • 3 Stages of Music from Dusk Till Dawn!


Ill-ēsha, Mr Jennings, Frost, Dubvirus, BadCat, Beat Kitty, Buddha Bass and many more...

6/22/2018 7:00pm

$10 - $15 · 6:00pm · All Ages / Bar with ID

Mad Matter: "Have I gone mad?" 
Alice: "I'm afraid so. You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are.” 

3 Stages of Music from Dusk til Dawn

Late night campground stage in the brand new '4'th Dimensional Escape Pod at the Bedouin Space Lounge'! 

Please note that you can only join us at the late night stage if you have a camping pass, otherwise you'll have to be off-premise by 2am. 

Fire friendly venue. Tea friendly venue. Mad Hatter friendly venue. That Cheshire though......

We'll be doing an effigy burn!

Have anything you'd like to bring to the party to make it more colorful? Just let us know!

More info to be announced soon!

Featuring your musical selectors - 

ill-ēsha (Denver, CO)

Mr Jennings (Richmond, VA)

Frost (Wouldn't you like to know....)

Dubvirus (Taos, NM)

BadCat (Santa Fe, NM)

Beat Kitty (Brooklyn, NY)

Buddha Bass (Santa Fe, NM)

Cristal Aurelia (Denver, CO)

Dave Decibel (Albuquerque, NM)

Kanizzle (Taos, NM)

Kanyon Walker (KNYN) (Denver, CO)

Lydian Gray (Santa Fe, NM)

Mikey Fisher (Albuquerque, NM)

Ratchet Noir (Santa Fe, NM)

Sattva Ananda (Santa Fe, NM)

Pato Banton

Reggae Legend

$10 advanced, $15 day of the show

6/27/2018 7:00pm

$10 · 6:00pm · All Ages / Bar with ID


Positive Vibrations abound with a beat to keep you on your dancing feet, while Pato delivers a message that is food for the mind and soul. Many have said that the positivity generated from the stage has changed their lives forever giving them the strength to Stay Positive & Never Give In!

Heart Byrne

Talking Heads Tribute Band

6/28/2018 8:00pm

FREE · 6:00pm · All Ages / Bar with ID

HeartByrne pays tribute to Talking Heads and David Byrne, who fused pop, funk, art rock, and African rhythms into perhaps the most adventurous, danceable and timeless music to emerge from the new wave movement. HeartByrne picks up the torch where the seminal concert film 'Stop Making Sense' left off, breathing new life into the classics and pushing the grooves into uncharted sonic territory. What began as an informal ‘hoot night' has evolved into a must-see touring act featuring vocalist Andrew Harn and some of Austin, TX's most talented musicians.


Tight communication and positive energy combusts into unstoppable funk.

7/11/2018 7:00pm

FREE · 6:00pm · All Ages / Bar with ID


Consisting of 5 close friends, STIG aims to bring people together with their music. The tight communication and positive energy shared between everyone in the group brews a raw and exciting experience at every show. STIG came together during their time at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. They spent most of their first year together playing sweaty, overflowing basement shows in Allston, the student filled neighborhood in Boston. STIG’s music is all original and is always written as a group to draw from everyone’s genre-crossing influences.

STIG is constantly touring, working hard to bring the vibrant soundscape of funky improvisational music to people all across the country. They released their first live album, “FLEX”, in September of 2016 and their EP, "Downtown Tom" was released in July of 2017. “Live at The Orpheum” was just released in October. The band has brought their high energy live show from coast to coast and is continuing to fill their calendar with national tour plans. Be on the lookout for new music, videos and tour dates from STIG!!

“Feel-good funk...played with the freewheeling abandon you would hope to hear from a bunch of very young, very talented musicians in the act of discovery”


Like A Boss Productions and Roots+Wires Presents

The Motet (2 Nights) | Break Science | Sunsquabi | The Suffers | Tauk | Organ Freeman | Mama Magnolia

Early Bird Tickets

7/27/2018 5:00pm

$60 - $99 · 4:00pm · All Ages / Bar with ID


2 NIGHTS |  July 27-28

Early Bird Tickets ON SALE NOW
until Friday April 27th @ 12noon

The Motet (2 Nights) |  Break Science  |  Sunsquabi  |  The Suffers  |  Tauk

Organ Freeman  |  Mama Magnolia


American Aquarium with Special Guest Jaime Wyatt

raw, rootsy rock & roll

8/1/2018 7:00pm

FREE · 6:00pm · All Ages / Bar with ID

For nearly a decade, American Aquarium have spent the majority of their days on the road, burning through a sprawl of highways during the day and playing hours of raw, rootsy rock & roll at night. Sometimes, the job is a grind. Most times, it's a blessing. American Aquarium's songs, filled with biographical lyrics about last calls, lost love and long horizons, have always explored both sides of that divide. For every drunken night at the bar, there's a hangover in the morning. For every new relationship, there's the chance of a broken heart. It's that kind of honesty — that sort of balance — that makes the band's newest album, Wolves, their strongest release to date.

And it nearly didn't happen. When American Aquarium traveled to Muscle Shoals to record Burn.Flicker.Die. in 2012, they were convinced the album would be their last. Even though they had enlisted the help of award-winning singer-songwriter Jason Isbell to produce the sessions, they were exhausted; weathered and whittled to the bone by more than a half-decade of heavy partying and heavier touring. To a small group of diehard fans, they were absolute rockstars… but being rockstars to a cult audience doesn't always put food on your table or gas in your tank. BJ Barham, the band's frontman, was so poor that he'd been living out of a storage unit for months, unable to afford an apartment in the band's hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina.

Clearly, something had to give. Maybe it was time to make one final album — an album about failure, desperation and disillusionment — and then throw in the towel.

As fate would have it, Burn.Flicker.Die. eventually proved itself to be the band’s most successful release to date. Critics loved it. Fans rallied behind it. Fast forward 2 years and almost 500 shows later, the band has travelled the world, quadrupled their fan base and reinvented their passion for the road. When the time came to record another album in June 2014, it only made sense to do something that celebrated survival rather than failure.

The result? Wolves, which Barham describes as "the sound of a band firing on all cylinders". Produced by Megafaun's Brad Cook and recorded during a 20-day stay at Echo Mountain Studios in Asheville, NC, Wolves was funded entirely by American Aquarium’s diehard fanbase. The album’s 10 tracks represent a departure from the band’s signature twang. Instead drawing more from the alternative rock sound that inspired their name almost a decade ago. Wolves blends the twang of the pedal steel with the dark, dirty swirl of two electric guitars, creating a sound that's fit for the roadhouse, the honky tonk and the dive bar. Barham has certainly spent time in all three, but now looks to brighter horizons in these new songs.

"I've always written about being the drunk guy at the bar at 2 a.m.," he admits. "I've written about the pick-up lines and the drinking and the drugs. This record is more personal than that. It's a coming of age record."

It's also a record that reaffirms his faith in American Aquarium, a band he started in 2006. Since that time, more than 25 musicians have passed through the group's ranks. In recent years though, things have felt a lot more stable. Ryan Johnson, Bill Corbin, Whit Wright, Kevin McClain and the newest addition, Colin Dimeo, round out the group, turning Barham's songs into fiery, fleshed-out compositions.

With Wolves, which hit stores in early 2015, American Aquarium is literally bigger and better.

"We were legitimized by Burn.Flicker.Die.," Barham says. "That album was a breakup record with the road. It basically said, 'This is our last album, this is why we're quitting, and hey, thanks for the memories.' Fast-forward, though, and we've got a new record that says, 'We ain't done yet.'"

Jaime Wyatt

Jaime Wyatt’s newest release Felony Blues, whose title is a nod to records like David Allan Coe’s Penitentiary Blue, is largely an autobiographical collection of convict love stories, prison songs, and honky-tonk laments. 

Wyatt is a striking figure with an old soul and a voice like a force of nature. Regardless of genre, the Los Angeles-based Wyatt is a dynamic performer, who sails naturally between vintage ‘60s and ‘70s country/rock ’n’ soul anthems and heartfelt country ballads of love and corruption. Country radio station 95.3 The Bear recently named her, alongside Sturgill Simpson and Margo Price, as “one of the country artists you may not have heard of, but need to hear.”

Fish Out of Water Festival - WEEKEND PASS

Featuring 2 Nights of Leftover Salmon with Dumpstaphunk, Poor Man's Whiskey, Johnny and David from Cracker, Trout Steak Revival, Sweet Lillies, Last to Know, Liver Down the River, Gasoline Lollypops and more TBA

8/10/2018 5:00pm

$60 - $75 · 4:00pm · All Ages / Bar with ID

Like a Boss Productions presents...

Fish Out of Water Festival

Leftover Salmon (2 Nights)


Johnny Hickman and David Lowery from Cracker

Poor Man's Whiskey (2 Nights)

Gasoline Lollipops | Trout Steak Revival | Sweet Lillies

Last To Know | Liver Down the River  

The Noseeums  | Ry Taylor and Friends 









Roots + Wires Presents...

Roots + Wires Presents the return of Sahara Desert Blues

8/21/2018 8:00pm

$22 · 7:00pm · All Ages / Bar with ID



 Tinariwen are poet-guitarists and soul rebels from the Southern Sahara desert. Their music expresses the aspirations of their people, the Kel Tamashek or 'Touareg' of the southern Sahara desert. The guitar is their weapon. Simplicity is Freedom.


Field Trippin' Fest

A Music Arts Adventure

9/1/2018 2:00pm

Presale $25 · 1:00pm · All Ages / Bar with ID

FIELD TRIPPIN’ is a music arts adventure fest. The event will feature an unique cadre of musicians, artisans, video art, and street performers; mixing the high energy vibe of the Venice Beach boardwalk in California with the high altitude experience of Taos, New Mexico!

The FIELD TRIPPIN’ adventure will include a full day of transformative art in both the outdoor and indoor spaces of the TMB venue. Offering a "full throttle" event for the audience to wind it's way through with exciting presentations and activities for all ages. Booths from local crafts people, cirque performers, (AcroYoga, stiltwalkers, hoopers, skateboarders, etc.) video art installations, and a wide range of music! The day will culminate on the main stage with an exhilarating evening line-up of Venice Beach and Taos' finest musicians with the highlight of the evening a rocking FIELD TRIPPIN' jam session!

The purpose of the festival is to create a living, breathing "all access" experience of music, art and performance. FIELD TRIPPIN' will stretch the senses, and engage the artistic nature that exists inside us all. As creative artists and activists, the FIELD TRIPPIN’ team are committed to creating an annual space for empowering our audience to engage, experience and spread appreciation for the arts all year round!

2nd ANNUAL JUMPSUIT Records Family Gathering

An intimate weekend of Music and Connection! Featuring The Polish Ambassador (2 nights!), Wildlight Live, Ayla Nereo, Ample Mammal and many more TBA soon!

9/6/2018 7:00pm

FREE · 6:00pm · All Ages / Bar with ID

So many of you have been eagerly awaiting and asking us about our plans for 2018 and... we couldn't be more thrilled to officially announce our 2nd Annual Jumpsuit Family Gathering to be held once again within the majestic confines of the Taos Mesa Brewing Amphitheater in beautiful Taos, NM! Another full weekend packed with workshops, yoga, song, dance, ceremony and celebration amidst the backdrop of the Sangre De Cristo mountains of northern New Mexico!

The Gathering will take place Thursday September 6th through Sunday September 9th 2018!

Featuring The Polish Ambassador (2 nights!), Wildlight Live, Ayla Nereo, and much of our beloved Jumpsuit family of music makers!

Jumpsuit Records strives for community, to bring people together to celebrate in song and nature in some of our favorite places around the world. Those of you who were there to expereince our first year in Taos know just how much magic we all generated together throughout the weekend! With many of our workshops led by the musicians on our line-up we all got to know each other so well and learned so much together. This is truly a grass-roots gathering at its core... it was a common sight to see one of our crew playing their heart out on stage one minute, chopping firewood for the bonfire another minute and then connecting with one another in the crowd the next. We lean towards the progressive and unconventional, putting the focus on uplifting art and partying with a purpose. We know that our extended family covets an intimate festival experience, one that fosters connection, encourages participation, offers education and the promise of invigorating life experiences. With those understandings and a nod towards a fresh take on the conventional festival model, The Polish Ambassador and Jumpsuit Records are thrilled to head back to the expansive beauty of the high deserts of New Mexico!

Taos Mesa Brewing Amphitheater sits just outside of downtown Taos, New Mexico, and features 360 degree stunning views of the high desert and Sangre de Cristo mountains. Complete with onsite restaurant, craft brewery, and an amazing outdoor amphitheater build in the Earthship style native to New Mexico. To preserve intimacy and create a vibrant pop-up community, less than 1000 festival tickets that include camping will be offered. These will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. The views from the venue and the onsite campground are some of the finest in the universe.

Taos is surrounded by stunning natural beauty in every direction. To the west, a few minutes from the venue, you will find the iconic Rio Grande River Gorge where you can hike, swim, and bask in local hot springs. To the east lies the town of Taos as well as the historic Taos Pueblo, which is the oldest continuously inhabited Indigenous community in the US. Downtown Taos features a beautiful Plaza where you will find delicious NM cuisine as well as a Farmer's Market and amazing local art & crafts.

Human camping passes must be purchased in addition to the full festival ticket... in addition each vehicle entering the campground will require a Car Camping Pass. Car Camping Passes include camping with your car. Less shlepping... more time to set up your ultimate camp village with all of your friends! Also.. ALL festival tickets AND camping tickets include Thursday arrival!

We will have MANY more details and announcements in the coming weeks! So stay tuned...


Do you want to participate, vend, or offer your art/skillz? Choose the correct form and submit today!

VENDOR applicants click HERE.


VOLUNTEER applicants click HERE

YOGA/WORKSHOP applicants click HERE



What time does the gate open?The gate will open at 2pm on Thursday Sep 6th.

Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event? This is an all ages event. Humans 10 years old and under are free!

What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event? Please carpool! This is an intimate venue. Every CAR on-site for the weekend will require a Car Camping Pass ($55). We have limited on-site parking so please purchase in advance to guarantee that you can park your car in the campground.

Can I camp next to my car? YES!! This year ALL Car Camping Passes include car camping!! No need to haul your stuff around. There are also a very limited amount of RV passes on sale. Trucks with camper shells and camper vans do not need an RV pass unless they are longer than 20 ft.

If I purchase a Car Camping Pass or RV Pass do I need to also purchase a Human Camping Pass? YES... each and every human (including ambastronauts) will need to purchase a Human Camping Pass in order to get your human body into the campground for the weekend. If you are staying in town for the weekend you will not need any camping passes, only festival tickets.

Is there ADA accessibility? Yes. Please email jumpsuitfamilygathering@gmail.com for more information.

Is there a VIP accommodation option? Yes!! Check out our Deluxe Jumpsuite Experiences

Does it get cold at night? Yes. Taos, NM is in the high desert.. meaning beautiful warm sunny days, and it will get chilly at night. Bring layers, warmies & onesies.

What's the drinking water situation? Free drinking water is available inside the venue and also in the campground. Bring your refillable jugs full to the event, and you can refill as needed and avoid buying any plastic water jugs.

Is there cell reception? Yes.

Bathroom facilities? Yes.

Are there showers available?
Hot showers will be available in the campgrounds for a fee.

What can I bring into the event?

What should I NOT bring?

Are camp stoves OK? Yes, small camp stoves are ok. But no open fires or charcoal grills allowed in the campground.

What's the food & drink situation? Taos Mesa Brewing features a full onsite restaurant with organic, vegetarian and vegan options, and an onsite craft brewery. Food vendors will also be serving early morning & late night. Coffee & teas, elixirs & kombucha, and various other delightful beverages will be available. Feel free to bring your own camp kitchen setup as well!

Are tickets refundable? Tickets are non-refundable. This is a rain or shine event.



Mystic Braves

With Special Guests The Creation Factory

10/5/2018 8:00pm

$12 · 7:00pm · All Ages / Bar with ID


Mystic Braves might be rooted in the psychedelic scene of the 1960s, but the band’s moment is happening right now.

After an impressive 2016 North American tour boasting packed shows from Brooklyn to San Francisco and beyond, the band returned home to Los Angeles only to sell out their homecoming show at the Echo, in advance. It’s only the latest in a string of triumphs for the band, who saw record turnout around the USA and for their winter European 2016 tour with sell out shows in London, Paris, Madrid, Berlin, Leon (Purple Weekend) and several other European cities.

Based in Echo Park, the Braves — who are signed to influential indie label Lolipop Records — are at the forefront of a white-hot garage band revival, and when the band isn’t selling out shows across the country, they’re playing alongside legendary groups like The Zombies and Brian Jonestown Massacre or providing the soundtrack for can’t-miss fashion events like Saint Laurent Paris’ Spring-Summer 2015 collection. While the group — made up of Julian Ducatenzeiler on guitar and vocals, Tony Malacara on bass and vocals, Shane Stotsenberg on guitar and vocals, Cameron Gartung on drums and Ignacio Gonzalez on organ and tambourine — isn’t straying far from what Ducatenzeiler calls “a blend of influence and sound that is unprecedented in contemporary music”.

“We’ve always been a pop-structured psych band and we’re continuing along those lines,” Ducatenzeiler says. “But we’re trying some new things out as well. We’ve elevated the songwriting” Indeed, the group is experimenting with more exotic instruments and is building a library of new songs to show off its invigorating style not only in the studio but at a series of big-ticket festivals including Burgerama, Beach Goth, Desert Daze and the Austin Psych Fest.

It’s a long way from how the band began. “We had no idea when we started that we’d come as far as we have,” Ducatenzeiler says. “But from the moment we released our demos, people have really responded.”



People don’t dance anymore to rock bands, but The Creation Factory is here to change that.

Channeling the sounds of 1960s psychedelic beats, the Los Angeles-based five-piece isn't just making music—"we're capturing the sort of sounds that people don’t hear anymore," says front man Shane Stots—it's creating an experience.

"We’re bringing sounds back from the grave, maybe better than they were before,” Stots, who’s also a member of Los Angeles rock group Mystic Braves, says-and he’s not kidding. The group uses authentic 1960s gear (and an era-appropriate look) to create blues-infected rock designed to get a crowd’s feet moving. It’s no wonder, then, that the band-which sold out its first show and has a full length debut album out this May on Lolipop Records will be heading to Europe in August to perform at the mod & 60’s underground weekender Euroyeye.

The Creation Factory was formed in 2014 when Stots and Iggy Gonzalez (drums) pieced together a style infused gang of psychedelic bandits, including band members Neil Soiland and Gabriel Pacheco on guitar and Glenn Brigman on keyboards.

While the musical appeal of The Creation Factory's hard to ignore, Stots insists the band's also out to show fans what they've been missing.  “I’m trying to revive music and expose it to a younger generation," he says. "I'm going backwards to go forward."

So, while the past is firmly on The Creation Factory’s side, it’s the future that truly belongs to the band.


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